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Luther's Legacy - Continuing the Legacy

We won 1st place for the best mild BBQ sauce at the Hot Sauce Contest in Oxford, NC!

Luther's Legacy BBQ Sauce & More is created from a century old family recipe. To preserve the flavor, each batch is produced using the highest quality ingredients. 

Luther's Legacy is an explosion of flavor combinations. Sweet, spicy 
and tangy will take over your mouth and leave you wanting more. 
This sauce  is universal enough for everyone's taste buds and offers a great compliment to many different varieties of food. This sauce has been used on traditional BBQ, all types of meat and fish, served with rice, soup, vegetables and even on plain bread. It can be used as a condiment, a dipping sauce, marinade or just to soak up the rest of your food. Luther's Legacy BBQ sauce is  a great addition to any meal!

We look forward to continuing the legacy.


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