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Kris, Grafix Alliance, Florida
 "I just wanted to say thank you for the bottle of sauce.  We used it Saturday on chicken and ribs and it was perfect, It just has a great flavor. "

K. Roberts, American Scooter Company, Florida
"Love your sauce! I admire your commitment to family and thank you for your service to our country. Blessings!"

"This is by far the best Barbecue sauce I have ever tasted. It goes with everything!"

A. Graham, Connecticut
"Thank you for this"

Jason W, Massachusetts 
"I'm excited about this bbq sauce being available to everybody. I have enjoyed this sauce for more that 20 years. Trust me when I say this is the only sauce u will ever need. It even good on just bread.."

Ray S, Florida
"Yes this sauce is off the chain if you haven't try it you need to you will be hooked and it's a sauce you can eat on anything even ur breakfast team barbecue sauce all the way"

John C, North Carolina
"Love the sauce. I received compliments for years and also questions on where to buy the sauce. Now the secret to my delicious ribs is available to everyone kind of sad but happy for team barbecue it's about time!"

Ameer B, Georgia
"When u taste it. U will ask for a case of the Luther's Legacy BBQ sauce"

Nadia, North Carolina
"I love this BBQ sauce. It's so good it will make you slap your mama"

Tiffany, North Carolina
"This sauce is better than any sauce I have ever tasted. Try it on some I bet you want any other sauce but Luther's Legacy. Go ahead try it and please be sure to tell me I told you so."

Tristan B, North Carolina
"This is the best B.B.Q. sauce I have ever had!!!!!!!! It is delicious."

Marcella, North Carolina
"Simply the best sauce I've ever tasted. Great for all your barbecuing. And it's great on lots of other stuff too. I've tried it on hash browns, omelets, even pizza!"

Jessica B. North Carolina
"This is the best barbecue sauce I have ever tasted. Goes well with anything and is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy."

M. Blackhorse, North Carolina
"This BBQ sauce is bangin'. My family and I are hooked. We put it on our grilled potatoes and onions no other sauce can compare. Delicious!!"

J. Campbell, North Carolina
"I'm in love with this sauce, I put it on my BBQ and my family love it's... Other BBQ sauce can't touch this..."

L. Marts, North Carolina 
You guys are awesome!!!

D. Clark-James, New York
"Had this past weekend this sauce is amazing.."

"I love this BBQ sauce."

"This is the best B.B.Q. sauce I have ever had!!!!!!!! It is delicious."

Jessica B. North Carolina

Marcella R. North Carolina
WOW Great Sauce.

Mary B. North Carolina
I've got to admit, that I am truly impressed with Luther's Legacy BBQ Sauce!!!
Keep it up !

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